Gear Reducer Spare Parts


gearbox spare parts, bevel gears,helical gears,spur shafts,Customized gears and shafts, gearbox spare Parts,worm gears.

All below Components and Parts are used in the gearbox and gear motors we produced. customized gears is welcomed.

Our company production of the specifications of the spiral bevel gear from 1 module - 30 module, 10 mm - 1600 mm in diameter, precision grade levels GB5 - GB8, widely used in deceleration machine, textile machinery, mining, petroleum, chemical industry, shipbuilding, port machinery. Cement machinery, tobacco, military industry. Machine tools and other mechanical transmission.

The qualitityis assured and just please for a look as following:







Cement vertical mill series

Tobacco machinery series

Unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) series
Hypoid series
Large speed ratio (HRH) arc tooth wimble gear
Reducer, K series
Reducer DCY, DBY series
Water jet and rapier series
Zero arc tooth series
Nonorthogonal series
Involute spline
Centering spline series, path
Petroleum machinery, cone crusher series
Machine tool series
Machining center series
The major type of spline
Precision worm gear and worm
Non-circular gear linkage transmission
High speed wire mill series
Multi-head worm gear and worm

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