1.The irrigation system refers to the entire facility of the irrigation project.Rivers, lakes, reservoirs and wells can be used as sprinkler irrigation sources, but they must be constructed with corresponding water source projects, such as pumping stations,worm gear motor geared electric motors and ancillary facilities, water regulating tanks, etc. For experiments, find sinks that meet the requirements.


2.Sprinkler irrigation can use a variety of agricultural pumps, such as centrifugal pumps, submersible pumps, deep well pumps and so on. A worm gear motor geared electric motors is often used as a power source for a pump in places where power is supplied.

worm gear motor geared electric motors
worm gear motor geared electric motors


3.In the place where electricity is difficult, diesel engines, tractors or walking tractors can be used as the power machine of the water pump. The power of the power machine depends on the matching requirements of the water pump. In the experiment, the worm gear motor geared electric motors can be used as the power machine of the water pump.


4.Water is taken from the water source, and the water is pressurized, water treated, fertilizer injected, and system controlled. Generally include power equipment(worm gear motor geared electric motors), water pumps, filters, fertilizer applicators, pressure relief valves, check valves, water meters, pressure gauges, and control equipment, such as automatic irrigation controllers, pressure and voltage inverter control devices. The number of first equipment, visual system type, water source conditions and user requirements have increased or decreased. In the case of using a city water supply system as a water source, a pressurized water pump is often not required.


5.The pipeline system generally consists of two stages, a main pipe and a branch pipe. The vertical pipe has three stages, and its function is to transport and distribute the pressurized water into the field nozzle.

worm gear motor geared electric motors
worm gear motor geared electric motors


Pipeline irrigation system has the advantages of saving irrigation water, reducing channel occupation, improving irrigation efficiency and irrigation quality.Worm gear motor geared electric motors applications will increase efficiency. It has become the direction of technical transformation in water pumping irrigation area and well irrigation area.


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