Worm gear speed-reducers VF Sseries

Worm gear speed-reducers VF Sseries

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worm gear speed reducer manufacturers

Output speed:7rpm-400rpm
Reduction ratio:7-70
Origin country:China
Gearbox material:Aluminum alloy

VF series worm gear speed-reducers are designed and manufactured according to the techncial specifications of Q/ZJ1-2000 and national standards of GB10085-88.

The structure diversification, the installation flexible and diversiform, adapt to different locations of the transmission
Hollow shaft are used for output which lead to flexible for installation and design. Either single or double side output shaft can be designed.
Reducer and the motor directly connected through the flange, the structure is compact, suitable for installation in a variety of host.


Based on the parameter of columnar worm and worm gear, it introduces from national and international advanced techncial results to form a unique square-type structure, and is made from the fine aluminum alloy through die-casting. The external box is beautiful and has the following performance:

1 Have the compact structure, small size, minisize and high efficiency;

2 The heat-exchange performance is good and it scatters the heat rapidly;

3 Be easy to assemble, flexible to use, easy to maintain and have the good performance;

4 Have the big speed ratio and torque and high carrying capacity;

5 Have the steady transmission, low noise, and be durable;

6 Wide applicability and safety;
Presently it is widely applied in the machinery reducer to be popular with users, and also is the best choice of gear assembly with the big torque and speed ratio, low noise, and high steadiness in the machinery industry.

worm gear speed reducer manufacturer

technical parameters
Input power 0.12KW-2.2KW
Max. output torque 364N.m
Main ratio (6.75-56)6.75; 7.5; 13.5; 18; 19; 23; 27; 29; 36; 38; 39; 40; 48; 49; 50; 51; 56

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